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Engage with Dr. Ben for a 1-on-1 leadership evaluation and develop clear strategies in order to excel in your field. Gain insight into your current position while learning how deploy skills which will help maximize your strengths and reach your greatest potential.

As an executive coach, Dr. Ben brings together his insights and experiences from his time the boardroom, office of elected official, and the military to provide you with a curated and real world approach to professional development.

Action Plan, Development, and Measurement.

In the Discovery phase, Dr. Ben uncovers you and your key stakeholders’ initial areas of focus.

In the Evaluation phase, Dr. Ben conducts a 360 evaluation to understand your strengths, your areas for improvement, and how your skill platform can be leveraged and grown to maximize your full potential.

In the Action Plan phase, you and Dr. Ben develop clear focus areas, success measures, and timelines to help you achieve your goals.

In the Development phase, Dr. Ben has regular coaching sessions ~2 times a month over a video platform to support your development.

In the Measurement phase, we determine your progression through discussions with your boss and key stakeholders.

With small group executive coaching we bring together individuals who aren’t necessarily formally accountable to each other and don’t always have day to day interactions. In turn we can create the opportunity for powerful learning interactions which would not be available otherwise.

Over the course of 6 months, your executive coach, Dr. Ben Sorensen, will have the unique opportunity to witness real-time group and peer-to-peer dynamics. These monthly sessions will support participants in significant skill-building for future personal and organizational growth.  Small group executive coaching offers benefits which complement the 1:1 executive coaching engagement.

Executive Coaching Background Form


Group training with a focus on improving your cohesiveness and efficiency as a team. Take part in one or more sessions where Ben will work with your group to grow confidence and build leadership skills.


An option for larger groups to enhance leadership skills on a wider scale. Ben will host an in-depth presentation detailing how to navigate your professional environment with integrity and tact while giving you the tools to get the most out of your career.